Thursday, February 3, 2011

Next Class - Feb 6

Hey, hey, hey ... this is just a reminder that our next lecture is scheduled for this Sunday (Feb. 6) at 14:00 (Finnish time).  Please sign into Skype 15 minutes before class starts and I'll connect everyone again.

Have a great day!


  1. Hei all!
    Here finally the article links that I promised in last session.
    # Aula, P. 2010. Social Media, Reputation Risk and Ambient Publicity Management. tiedosto
    # Hoffman, D. L. and Fodor M. 2010. Can you Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing? tiedosto
    # Quinton, S. and Harridge-March, S. 2010. Relationships in Online Communities: the Potential for Marketers. tiedosto
    # Getting the Social Media on Your Side. 2010. Strategic Direction. tiedosto
    # Hearn, G., Foth, M. and Gray, H. 2009. Applications and Implementations of New Media in Corporate Communications. tiedosto
    # Henderson, A. and Bowley, R. 2010. Authentic Dialogue? The Role of "Friendship" in a Social Media Recruitment Campaign. tiedosto
    # Palmer, A. and Koenig-Lewis, N. 2009. An Experiential, Social Network-Based Approach to Direct Marketing.
    They should work at least inside the school network;).


  2. Thanks Hanna!